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Message Board

A message board near the information desk will announce all up to date alterations in the scientific program and other important information for participants.

Online Message Board (Online)

On this page you will find an Online Message Board during the conference. All changes regarding the schedule of the conference (i.e. cancellation of presentations, change of rooms, etc.) will be updated currently.

All changes, cancellations, amendments to the programme please send to the follwoing email address:


A 2.5 - 15:00-15:15
Low-Field Mobilities in the Lanthanide Region
Change: Canceled

P 21 - 16:00–18:00
Poster: Plasma-Wall Interaction
Change: The poster session takes place on Thursday 16:00-18:00

Q 11.2 - 16.45
Separability criteria for genuine multiparticle entanglement
Change: Takes place on Thursday 11:30-18:00

Q 44.5 - 16.45
Decoherence of spin gases induced by many-body phase gates
Change: with Q 11.2

SYFC 2.2 - 16:30–17:00 A 001
The astrophysical search for varying fundamental constants — Nils Prause
Change: with SYFC 2.1

SYFC 2.1 - 17:00–17:30 A 001
Gravitational and cosmological probes of varying fundamental parameters — Thomas Dent
Change: with SYFC 2.2


DD 15.1 - 14:00–14:20
Cartoons im Physikunterricht
Change: Canceled

DD 19.48 - 16:00–18:00
Postersitzung: Die "akademie junger forscher" - ein neues Schülerlabor in Heilbronn
Change: Canceled

P 5.1 - 14:15–14:40
Evoultion of MHD Turbulence
Change: Canceled

SYLL 2.2 - 17:00-17:30 A 001
Hochleistungs-Ultrakurzpulslaser als neues Werkzeug für die Fertigungstechnik und Oberflächentechnik
Change: The speaker will be Jens Holtkamp


A 9.7 - 12:00–12:15
Gap and screening in Raman scattering of a Bose condensed gas
Change: Canceled

DD 23.3 - 14:20–14:40
Untersuchung des Einflusses von Modellbildungssoftware im Dynamikunterricht auf Schülervorstellungen über Physik und auf fachlichen Kompetenzen
Change: Canceled

DD 27.4 - 16:00–16:20
Zur Wirksamkeit von Video-Experimentieranleitungen in einer computerbasierten Lernumgebung
Change: Canceled

Q 27.2
High Intensity Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration
Change: The speaker will be Jianhui Bin

Q 27.8
Design considerations for high-yield x-ray sources using travelling-wave Thomson scattering
Change: Canceled

UP 3.2
Primitive turbulence: kinetics, Prandtl's mixing length, and von Karman's constant
Change: Canceled

UP 3.5 - 12:15–12:30
Kopplung der Strahlungstransportmodelle für Atmosphäre und Ozean
Change: Canceled


MO 29.8
Advances in UHV tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Change: Canceled

P 17.5
The Plasma Boundary Sheath as a Nonlinear Element
Change: Canceled

P 19.7
Numerische Simulation eines Mikroplasma-Array bei Atmosphärendruck
Change: Canceled

P 21 - 16:00–18:00
Poster: Plasma-Wall Interaction

Q 11.2 - 11.30
Separability criteria for genuine multiparticle entanglement
Change: with Q 44.5

Q 43.1 - 10:30–11:00
Ultracold chemistry and dipolar collisions in a quantum gas of polar KRb molecules
Change: Canceled

Q 44.5 - 11.30
Decoherence of spin gases induced by many-body phase gates
Change: Takes place on Monday 16.45

Q 52.8
Long-range interaction of single atoms through nanowires with nontrivial topology of couplings
Change: Canceled

Q 57.7 - 16:00–16:15
Observation of strong coupling between a micromechanical resonator and an optical cavity field
Change: Q 50.4 takes place on Friday 12:00-12:15

SYMS 1.1 - 10:30–11:00
Mass spectrometric measurements of atmospheric trace gases and ions
Change: Canceled


A 27.7 - 15:30–15:45
X-ray scattering and ionization of rare gas clusters by superintense pulses from the LCLS FEL
Change: Canceled

Q 50.4 - 12:00-12:15
Minimizing phonon tunneling losses in optomechanical resonators
Change: Q 57.7 takes place on Thursday 16:00–16:15

SYDI 1.1
Manipulation of Large Molecules
Change: The speaker will be Frank Filsinger

SYDI 2.1
High Harmonic Generation from Molecules: Prospects for ultra-fast imaging of molecular structure and dynamics
Change: The speaker will be Ricardo Torres La Porte

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